Application of Universal Wheel in Office Furniture Industry

September 20,2022

The universal wheel is widely used in the office furniture industry. Its flexibility brings convenience and improves the efficiency of use.


Buying Skills about Office Sofa

September 03,2022

Nowadays, companies are basically equipped with office sofa. High-end office sofas are also helpful for enterprises to demonstrate their strength.


How to Choose a Conference Table that Matches the Style of the Conference Room?

August 19,2022

The conference table is in the center of the conference room. It is suitable for conference rooms of different sizes and forms.


What should I Pay Attention to when Purchasing the Reception Desk?

August 04,2022

The reception desk is the face of a company, and the score of first impression is mostly highlighted from the reception desk. The reception desk is an indispensable part of office furniture. Its main function is to receive foreign customers. Its appearance is atmospheric and beautiful. It is generally combined with the company's logo wall to impress guests. Next, let's take a look at what we need to pay attention to when purchasing the reception desk.


How to Adjust the Height of the Office Chair

July 21,2022

Adjusting the height of the office chair is not that complicated, you only need to master its operating lever, and then adjust it according to your own needs. Let's find out with us below.


The Different Materials of Desks and Chairs Have Different Effects on Users

July 08,2022

In an office, there are many desks and office chairs, as well as office furniture products such as sofa screens and workstations. Among these office furniture products, the office furniture is the most widely used, so when choosing an office It is also very important in the process of desks and chairs. When buying desks and chairs, you should also pay great attention to these points. Different desks and chairs have different functions and different materials of desks and chairs are also different. The influence of the people is also very different.


How to Choose the Size of the Desk

June 25,2022

A desk refers to a desk that is convenient for work in daily work and social activities. When choosing a desk, in addition to considering the style, quality and color of the desk, you should also consider the size, so what is the standard size of the desk?


How to Choose the Size of the Desk?

June 13,2022

The size of the desk plays a key role in the decoration of the office. If the size is inappropriate, it is easy to affect the overall layout of the office and the placement of workstations. Desk refers to the desk provided for work convenience in daily life, work, and social activities. At present, most office desks used by enterprise employees are partition desks. The reason why they are called partition desks is that this kind of desk is a whole composed of partitions and desks.


How to Choose the Color of the Office Desk

May 27,2022

The style and color of the desk must be integrated with the style of the overall office environment, so as to create a warmer, more comfortable and stylish office environment. When choosing an office desk, we should pay attention not only to the price, but also to the style, especially the color is also a link that should not be ignored. So, how to choose it?


Problems Needing Attention when Designing / Purchasing Bookcases

May 13,2022

Everyone's home must have bookcases, so how should we choose the right bookcases?