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November 03,2021

Although many materials could be applied to fashion office desks, wood is the most common used for making desk. Wood desks are commonly found both in the office and home, but it is difficult to recognize the real solid wood and simulated wood furniture. Therefore we are going to talk the method to distinguish the two.


Solid Wood Desk/Fashion Office Desk


Why do people choose solid wood desk?


My father had ever told me that it would be better to spend more for a solid wood desk rather than a cheaper stimulated wood desk. Beside of solid wood, the materials of desk include glass, stainless steel, plastic, marble and artificial panel.


As we all know, glass is easy to shatter. Marble contains radiation which may be harmful to people’s health. And plastic is easy to in deformation. Artificial panel is not durable and is easy to be scratched. But the solid wood boasts a lot of advantages as following.


Long service life


Solid wood simply lasts longer even for centuries though this would be based on your careful maintenance. If you do, you can transform a piece of furniture right into a long-lived family treasure.


The factor for solid wood's durability is its tolerance for refinishing. Timber is a solid and also strong tool to collaborate with. Gradually, with appropriate care, it will certainly remain that way. Besides, a furniture piece made from solid timber is a problem that you would certainly wish to care for and maintain around.


Unique style


Solid wood desk would be a furniture that along with your grown up. It will get old, but not in a bad quality. It will stay unchanged in your home or office which is usually found on the boss or executive office to stand for their status. By comparison, lighter, veneer covered particle panel can chip, dent and become an eyesore.


How to identify solid wood and stimulated wood desk?


The biggest difference between solid wood and stimulated wood, also well known as composite wood, is that the raw material of solid wood is tree while the composite is made by a thin panel and stimulated wood-like skin. Therefore we can recognize the distinction between the two from the following aspects.


Observing the appearance of the office desk


Solid wood desk has natural difference both in its color and texture while composite wood desk  are always perfect as its texture is clear and even better than all solid wood desk. Therefore consumers could identify solid wood desk by the imperfect appearance.


To hear the sounds of the office desk


You can test the desk by beating the flat of the desk and if there is a clearing sound it is made of solid wood otherwise it is a fake solid wood.


To shed some light on the types of solid wood


Ordinary solid wood desks with a relative lower cost are made of beech wood, white oak, ash, elm, Mountain ash, rubber wood, oak wood normally while high-end solid wood desks are usually made of rosewood, chicken wing wood, padauk. Therefore you can know the average price of a kind of wood material.


Solid wood is a good material for making fashion office desks since it performs well in durability a s well as along with a unique and beautiful appearance. If you are looking for a fashion office desk or a comfortable desk for your home, please spend a few minutes visiting our website. Customized service for solid wood desk is available and if you have any need please feel free to contact us.