How Much Do You Know About The Boss Table?

November 18,2021

The boss is the core pillar of a company and determines the future direction of the company. Therefore, the boss's table should be selected. However, what are the common styles of the boss's table and what are the key points of purchase? Next, let's take a brief look.


boss table


Style of boss table


  1. Panel table. It refers to the wood-based panel as the main substrate. Common man-made boards include plywood, blockboard, particleboard, etc. The panel tablehas high cost performance and is widely used.


  1. Solid wood table. The production materials are unprocessed natural materials and do not use any wood-based panels. Therefore, the price is usually high.


  1. Steel table. Its material is generally cold rolled steel. The steel tablecan be all steel or a combination of steel and wood. The advantage of steel table is strong and moderate price.


Key points for purchasing boss tables and chairs


  • Consider material


When purchasing the boss's table, we usually choose the table that can show the boss's noble identity, and in terms of material, the pure solid wood desk is the most suitable. However, for start-ups with a small budget, you can also choose a solid veneer table, which is not only high-grade, but also more favorable.


  • Consider size


In addition to the material, we should also consider the size, which needs to be determined according to the specific space size of the boss's office. Only the size of the table and the office space are matched reasonably can we show the style of the leader. Therefore, it is important to measure the actual size before purchase.


  • Consider color


Generally, the boss's table will choose darker colors. The darker ones will not only appear calm and steady, but also appear high-grade. Of course, it also depends on the boss's personal preferences. There are also light colored tables that like modern style.


Maintenance skills of boss table


  1. Maintenance of wood


The biggest advantage of natural wood furniture products is the natural wood grain and multi changing natural color. Because natural wood is a breathing organism, it must be placed in an environment with appropriate temperature and humidity. At the same time, drinks, chemicals or overheated objects must not be placed on the surface to avoid damaging the natural color of the wood surface. If it is made of resistant plate material, when there is a lot of dirt, you can use diluted neutral detergent with warm water to wipe it once, and then wipe it with clean water. Remember to wipe the residual water stains with a soft dry cloth. After it is completely wiped, it can be polished with maintenance wax, even if it is done. Only by paying attention to daily cleaning and maintenance can we make the wood last forever.


  1. Maintenance of cloth


The fabric often used for office chairs and sofas, with its comfortable touch and rich colors, makes the traditional office furniture more diverse. Common maintenance methods: when it is stained with dry dirt such as dust and sand, just pat it gently or suck it up with a vacuum cleaner. As for the granular sand, you can brush it gently inward with a brush, but you can't use a hard brush to avoid damaging the cloth surface. If you are stained with drinks and fruit juice, you can first absorb water with a hand towel, preferably wipe it with warm water dissolved neutral detergent, then dry it with a clean soft cloth, and finally dry it at low temperature.


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