Introduction Of Multifunctional Bookcase

November 22,2021

Multifunctional bookcases can not only store some books like ordinary bookcases and bookshelves, but also place fragmented things. In addition, common multifunctional bookcases are generally integrated furniture combining the respective advantages of desks and bookcases, which are suitable for installation in houses with relatively small area structure. In this way, it is not only very convenient for us to take books in the later stage, but also the time spent on purchasing furniture is reduced.


multifunctional bookcase


How to create a multifunctional bookcase?


Books are playing a more and more important role in people's life, so the increasing demand for bookcases is inevitable.


If the bookcase is also used as an ornament, you can choose the bookcase with transparent glass door or wooden door to better protect the books, so as not to dust the books for a long time and affect the decorative effect;


If you like collecting books, you'd better customize the bookcase, such as designing one or both sides of the hallway into bookshelves, which has a very good storage effect. It can also make people appreciate the unique charm of xinxiangya room as soon as they enter the door;


While working at home, the open panel combined bookcase is more suitable - simple modern panel furniture, which can adjust the height of each floor at will, which is very convenient and practical.


Different bookcases are very different in appearance and function. The choice of bookcase depends on the use of the product at home, whether it is for decoration, book collection, work use or simple storage of books. The purpose is different, and the choice is also different.


Bookcase purchase elements


  • Pay attention to the quality of bookcase.


Whether a product is qualified or not is the most important quality. We must not ignore its quality when purchasing bookcases. Carefully check whether the quality of the bookcase is qualified, and check the wood types indicated in the quality manual. The bookcase must choose strong and durable wood; At the same time, check whether the paint on the outside of the bookcase is smooth and uniform, and smell whether the paint has a pungent smell near the bookcase. If there is a pungent smell, it's best not to buy it; Open and close the cabinet door to see if it is smooth. If there is a creaking sound, it's best not to buy it.


  • Select the appropriate bookcase shape.


The common bookcases in the market are zigzag, L-shaped and U-shaped. Families with small study area are more suitable to buy zigzag bookcases. Families with moderate area can choose L-shaped bookcases, and families with large area can choose U-shaped bookcases.


  • Pay attention to the firmness of the bookcase.


Books are heavy and different from the items contained in other furniture, so they have high requirements for firmness, especially the middle cross plate, which is strong and has strong vertical support, so that the whole can be firm and durable.


  • Pay attention to the depth, thickness and height of the bookcase.


Some people think that if you want to choose a bookcase with large depth, you can put more books, but this will cause difficulties in taking books. When taking the books in the bookcase, you need to take out the books in the front row, which is very troublesome. Therefore, the depth of the bookcase is up to 30cm;


The thickness of the bookcase needs to be between 30-40cm, so as to ensure that the bookcase will not collapse after putting books and articles in it;


The height of the bookcase is about 2.1m. It is very troublesome to take books too high. You can choose the appropriate height of the bookcase according to your height.


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