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November 03,2021

Desk screen partition mainly plays the role of partition separation and makes the office environment more regional. The commonly used office desk partition style is generally 2-person desk partition, 4-person desk partition and 6-person desk partition. When we choose desk screen partition, there will be several materials for you to choose. So which is better?


tempered glass partition desk


What are the partition materials of desk screen?


  1. Let's first talk about gypsum board partition, which is characterized by economic benefits, short construction cycle, light weight, strong plasticity, high stability, good privacy effect, good heat insulation and sound insulation effect, and good fire protection performance.


  1. If there are requirements for daylighting in the decoration office, glass can be added for construction. The partition can be used as corporate image wall, office area division, indoor and outdoor division, etc.


  1. Glass partition can also be selected. Although its cost is high, it is optional for regional division in office decoration because it is mostly matched with gypsum board and metal frame. The partition effect is very good for small office decoration. The partition used in the office is more fashionable and modern. To improve the privacy of the space, only local sanding is needed.


  1. In recent years, a kind of light cement wall commonly used by people has also been widely used in office decoration. The performance is similar to gypsum board partition, but the cost is much cheaper than gypsum board partition and glass partition.


What should we pay attention to when purchasing tempered glass partition of desk?


In common glass office partitions, ordinary glass partitions are simple and fast, colored glass partitions are beautiful and refined, sandblasted or carved glass office partitions are high, expensive and elegant, and cracked glass partitions are ethereal and mysterious... In fact, different visual effects are all created by different materials.


  • The glass office partition with crack effect must be made of special tempered glass after being smashed by impact and through special process Rubber platform. Therefore, there will not be two identical patterns, which is in line with the characteristics of modern people's pursuit of individuality. The first thing to choose such a glass partition is to choose patterns. The effect of crack stretching and cleaning is the best.


  • Ordinary glass office partition seems simple, but it's not. Among them, the best is laminated glass, which is rare in the market. The advantage of this kind of glass is that the surface looks no different from ordinary glass, but in case of accidental impact, the glass fragments will be firmly adhered to the film in the glass without splashing fragments, and will not pose a threat to personal safety. Glass experts point out that laminated glass is safety glass in the full sense.


  • The color glass partition takes the color art glass as the main body of the partition, and uses the dreamy color transformation to create an extraordinary artistic effect. Therefore, the most important thing for the selection of colored glass partition is that the color tone should be consistent with the overall decorative style. If you can find a satisfactory color laminated glass is also a good choice. The hazy and almost luxurious effect of sandblasting carved glass partition is unmatched by other types of products. Carved and sandblasted glass partitions also have the most stringent requirements for materials.


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