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November 03,2021

The company’s important files are best placed in the file storage cabinet. If you put it on the table, people come and go, and it is easy to mix with other materials, and it is easy to lose it. You can get professional advice from a professional customized Metal Filing/file storage Cabinet manufacturer, supplier, factory and tell you how to choose them.


customized Metal Filing/file storage Cabinet


Filing cabinets are generally made of metal or wood. Here we mainly introduce metal filling storage cabinet.


Metal filing cabinet

A file cabinet is a type of file cabinet that uses metal as a raw material. Metal file cabinets mainly include metal file cabinets, steel file cabinets, stainless steel file cabinets, and aluminum file cabinets.


Benefits of metal filing cabinets

All metal file cabinets can be sprayed on the surface, and they are of various colors and forms. It can play the functions of fire prevention, moisture prevention and earthquake resistance. At the same time, the metal file cabinet also has the advantages of long service life, large bearing capacity, and environmental protection.


There should be more metal filing cabinets and steel filing cabinets.


Steel filing cabinet

Steel filing cabinets are generally made by pressing steel plates, and then use electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, powder electrostatic spraying and many other techniques on the surface, which are strong and durable. And from the overall point of view, steel file cabinets are relatively simple, economical, lightweight portable storage devices, convenient and durable. It is rust-proof, fire-proof, strong, and environmentally friendly. It is now popular among the general public in the market.


Aluminium filing cabinet refers to a kind of filing cabinet made with metal aluminum as raw material. This kind of file cabinet has the advantages of corrosion resistance, weather resistance and long use time, so it has been loved and sought after by the majority of office people, and has become a popular office furniture product for a while.


Stainless steel file cabinet

Stainless steel is a relatively new type of material, and it is also a material with a wide range of applications. It mainly has many advantages such as corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, easy cleaning, good durability, and ability to adapt to various harsh environments. Therefore, it is widely used all walks of life. The stainless steel file cabinet we introduced here perfectly inherits all the advantages of stainless steel, and it is a very useful and very popular file cabinet.


How to choose a filing cabinet

1. Look at the material of the filing cabinet.

2. See how large the file storage capacity is and how the storage performance is.

3. Look at the expansibility of the filing cabinet.


Cleaning and maintenance of filing cabinets

1. In the course of use, it is necessary to prevent the file cabinet from contacting with moisture, otherwise it will easily cause rust on the surface of the file cabinet, which will affect the appearance and use of the file cabinet. Moreover, data is generally stored in the filing cabinet, and the data cannot be exposed to moisture, which can easily damage the file. Therefore, it is very necessary to avoid contact between the filing cabinet and moisture.


2. During the normal use of the file cabinet, try to avoid the contact between the file cabinet and sharp objects. If the surface of the file cabinet is scratched, it will affect the appearance of the file cabinet, and it will also make it easier to oxidize the file cabinet to the air,rust, etc.


3. When cleaning the file cabinet, it is best to wipe it with a clean damp cloth first, and then dry it with a dry cloth to avoid residual moisture, which may cause the file cabinet to rust.


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