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November 03,2021

Office table refers to the table provided for work convenience in daily life, work and social activities. In terms of material composition, it is mainly divided into: steel table, wooden table, metal table, steel wood combination table, etc.


Among them, solid wood table is a kind of environmental protection office furniture, which is especially suitable for the senior management office of enterprises. It looks particularly high-grade, and shows its identity and status at the same time. At present, there are many styles of solid wood tables on the market, giving consumers a lot of choices. So what are the advantages of solid wood table? What are the skills in shopping?


solid wood office table




  • Solid wood tablehas natural and beautiful patterns and diverse forms, which can well reflect nature and noble style. A solid wood table in a corner is not only a practical office furniture, but also can decorate a boring office and bring the taste of nature to the office environment. Such characteristics are deeply loved by consumers.


  • In addition, because the solid wood tableis processed with natural wood, the amount of glue used in the manufacturing process is also very small, and the amount of glue directly affects the level of environmental protection. Moreover, its physical performance is relatively stable in the process of use.


  • Solid wood tablehas a long service life and can be used for about 15 to 20 years, which is generally 5 times that of other panel furniture.


Purchasing skills


👉Safety is the first consideration when purchasing solid wood table.


It's easy to get hurt if the corners are sharp. The leading edge of the table shall be designed with a smooth bevel or a quarter circle to avoid the traditional right angle design.


👉The quality and price of solid wood tablewill be affected by its material.


For example, the price difference between pine and expensive mahogany is very large. Although pine is solid wood, its performance is not as good as man-made board. Therefore, in the purchase, we should fully consider the cost performance, not blindly greedy for cheap.


👉Pay special attention to the moisture content and origin of solid wood furniture.


The moisture content of wood shall not be higher than 1% of the local average moisture content in the use area, otherwise the wood will become larger due to expansion, which is easy to cause tenon and mortise separation, furniture fragmentation and warpage.


👉General tables are equipped with drawers and cabinets.


Here we should pay attention to whether the slide rail of the drawer is smooth, whether the screws are nailed, and whether the quality of the door hinge is qualified. Secondly, check the surface of the table for cracks.


 👉Determine the approximate size of the tables.


Before purchasing solid wood tables, the position and area of the tables should be designed to determine the approximate size of the tables, which can save a lot of unnecessary trouble.


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