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November 03,2021

Sitting for a long time is a thing harmful to health. Inevitably, most modern office workers sit for a long time. Therefore, we should choose a comfortable chair as much as possible, which can not only relieve our fatigue, but also improve our work efficiency. In other words, choosing the right chair can directly increase the employee's happiness index.


Stainless Steel Bow Leg Office Chair


The advantages that a chair should satisfy


📌The office chair should help maintain the natural curve of the spine. In order to avoid unnatural compression of the lumbar spine curve when sitting, which affects your health, the stainless steel bow leg office chair must be equipped with an ergonomic lumbar spine cushion, so that the natural curve of the lumbar spine can be maintained appropriately when sitting down. Get a more comfortable and healthy posture.


📌The office chair must conform to the three-degree curved surface of the human body curve. The stainless steel bow leg office chair can increase the contact area between the bottom of the thigh and the buttocks and the seat, so that the pressure is evenly distributed, so as not to concentrate on a certain point. At the same time, because it is slightly inclined, it also has the effect of stabilizing the pelvis and avoiding sliding forward when sitting. In addition, the rounded seat design can also reduce friction and contact on the inner side of the knee joint, which is of great benefit to health.


📌Look at where the chair can be tilted. Different stainless steel bow leg office chairs have different tilting positions, which can be roughly divided into the following: the back, seat, and waist can be tilted; the back is tilted, but the seat is not tilted; the front edge of the seat is fixed, and the back of the seat and back can be tilted; The back and the seat can be tilted; the back can be tilted and other five types, you can purchase according to the nature of the user's work.


📌Look at the degree of tilt. It can be divided into the following types: the back can be tilted as much as the strength is used; it can be adjusted according to the preference of the person sitting on the chair; the tilt angle can be fixed; the tilt angle has been set; but it should be noted that these conditions are not inconsistent. Yes, a chair may have the above three conditions at the same time, or it may only have two or one of the conditions. Special attention must be paid when purchasing.


How to maintain stainless steel bow leg office chair?


  • When there is accumulated dust and dirt on the surface of the stainless steel chair, consumers can wipe it with soap or detergent.


  • It is usually difficult to clean up the trademarks and films on the surface of newly-purchased stainless steel stools. Consumers can use warm water or weak detergent to clean the binder components, and then use alcohol or organic solvents to wipe them off.


  • When the surface of the stainless steel bow leg office chair is stained with grease or lubricating oil, be sure to wipe it off with a soft cloth.


  • When acidic substances are found on the surface of the stainless steel stool, it must be cleaned immediately, and then immersed in an ammonia solution or a neutral carbonated soda solution.


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