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November 03,2021

Regardless of job needs or learning needs, training activities are always increasing, and the purpose is to improve themselves. Training chairs can be divided into fabric, steel, mesh, wood, leather and plastic training chairs according to their materials. When we buy training chairs, the size is also an issue that needs to be paid attention to.


customized Training/Ergonomic chair OEM



The design style of the steel training chair is relatively simple. The base is made of steel material and can be folded up. It is very convenient to use and has a strong bearing capacity. It is suitable for use in some small businesses or occasions for simple discussions. The general steel training chair size is 44cm*47cm*79cm.


The leather training chair can be used in the office or in the meeting room. It can also be used for training. In addition to sitting on its writing board, it can also place some items. The backrest of the training chair of this material is designed with a curved design, which can effectively relieve physical fatigue. Its back and cushion are made of high-density sponge and traditional fabric, which gives people a kind of sitting up. Very comfortable feeling. In addition, it can be folded, which is very convenient for storage and does not occupy too much space. It can be widely used in offices, conference rooms and some training courses. The size of this material training chair is 39cm in width, 38cm in depth, and 45cm in height. The size of the writing board is 37.5cm in length and 28cm in width.


The bow-shaped training chair is made of high-quality leather materials, solid wood armrests and high-quality hardware pipes, making the chair look more stylish and generous, firm and comfortable. This kind of chair can be used in a wide range, such as offices, conference rooms and staff training. The size of this chair is 43cm in seat height, 46*42cm in seat surface, 45*36cm in backrest, and 78cm in height.


The mesh training chair looks very fashionable, because it is made of mesh material, so it is very elastic, coupled with the curved design, it will be very comfortable to use, suitable for office meetings. Suitable for office and training. The size of this chair is 39cm in seat height, 39*42cm in seat size, 55*44cm in backrest, and 78cm in height.


Plastic training chairs with writing boards are generally of good quality. They are lighter and more convenient to move. They are the first choice for many students in training courses. It is also very good as a lecture chair used in the company. The size of this chair is 44cm in seat height, 46*42cm in seat size, 55*52cm in backrest, 92cm in height, and 37.5*28cm in writing board.


We recommended 

Since the training time is generally 1 hour or more, we recommend using the Ergonomic chair. You can find a customized Training/Ergonomic chair OEM,manufacturer,supplier,factory here to protect the health of the spine and increase the knowledge acquisition of the trainees.