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November 03,2021

With the development and growth of the enterprise, in addition to more and more employees, the decoration of the company also needs to be improved. This not only helps to improve the company's image, but also enables customers or employees to have a sense of trust and dependence on you. Now more and more companies are beginning to use wooden black walnut swing door low cabinets to show their success. So, what is black walnut? How much do you know about it?


Wooden Black walnut Swing door low cabinet


What is wooden black walnut?


Walnut is a relatively high-quality wood belonging to the Juglans family and is mainly produced in North America and Europe. Black walnut is very expensive. Used to make furniture, it not only has a good molding effect, the surface is saturated, the color is rich and full, and it has a high appreciation value. Therefore, walnut furniture is more expensive and worthy of collection. The wooden black walnut swing door low cabinet is very helpful to enhance the corporate image.


Advantages of wooden black walnut swing door low cabinet


  • The material color is elegant, the wood grain is exquisite and unique, clear and charming, and the furniture made is elegant and generous;


  • The moisture content is low, and the dry shrinkage and swelling of wood will not have a significant impact on walnut furniture;


  • Walnut furniture is not easy to crack, deform, etc.;


  • Strong hot pressing ability, strong durability, and strong anti-corrosion ability of heartwood;


Disadvantages of wooden black walnut swing door low cabinet


  1. The wood structure is not as compact as mahogany, and its compressive strength and bending ability are only moderate;


  1. The exposed parts of walnut furniture need to be well protected to avoid damage;


  1. The sapwood is easily damaged by mealworms, with moderate bending and compression resistance, and poor toughness.


How to maintain wooden black walnut swing door low cabinet?


❎Avoid using alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents to remove stains. If there are stains on the surface of the cabinet, do not wipe it hard. You can gently remove the stains with warm tea water. After the water evaporates, apply a little wax to the original part, and then lightly rub it several times to form a protective film.


❎Avoid scratches on hard objects. When cleaning, do not allow the cleaning tools to touch the low cabinet, and be careful not to let hard metal products or other sharp objects collide with the furniture, and protect the surface from scratches.


❎Avoid humid environments. In summer, if there is a flood in the room, it is advisable to use thin glue to separate the parts of the low cabinets that contact the ground, and at the same time, keep the distance between the low cabinets and the wall at a distance of 0.5-1cm.


❎Keep away from heat sources. In winter, it is best to place the furniture at a distance of about 1 meter from the heating stream to avoid long-term high baking, which will cause local cracking and deformation of the wood and local deterioration of the paint film.


❎Avoid direct sunlight. It is necessary to avoid long-term exposure to the whole or part of the cabinet by outdoor sunlight, and it is best to place it in a place that can avoid sunlight.


❎Use transparent tulle curtains to block direct sunlight. In this way, it does not affect the indoor lighting, but also allows the soft light to add a touch of warm and romantic atmosphere to the room, and at the same time protects the indoor furniture.


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