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November 03,2021

Every boss's office needs a powerful bookcase, which can not only enhance the beauty of the office, but also provide a powerful storage space for the office. Whether it's books, photos or artworks, they can be shown to you well. Many office bookcases OEMs, manufacturers, suppliers, factories provide various possibilities for each office.




Use of your bookcase

Before deciding on a bookcase for your office, you need to choose its function. Will it store your daily publications? Will it store files that are actually rarely needed? Will the bookshelves become part of the workplace decoration and provide manuals for potential customers? Before buying, you need to have a clear explanation of the actual use of the bookshelf.


Room size

If you think the number of books you have will increase, then buying a bookcase that can be easily expanded is actually a good tip. Initially, you can use additional empty shelves to place workplace statues and gadgets. In addition, you can purchase cabinets with extra shelves to use when needed.



This is crucial. The wooden bookcase has a variety of different components to choose from to match the artistic style of your workplace and produce a look you like.



If you like the appeal of wood, pine bookcases are actually very different from maple, but prefer something cheaper. Pine is usually cheaper than maple because it is actually a softer wood. Compared to oak, it has much lower durability and abrasion resistance (although it will definitely last a long time!) but it is actually much easier on the wallet.



The texture is hard and beautiful. In ancient China, there was a saying of "Northern Yu and Southern Beech", that is, northern furniture mostly uses elm wood, and southern furniture mostly uses beech wood, which can be used as the main material for beds, tables, and cabinets.


Maple is actually the absolute most popular choice for shelving components because it is flexible, durable, and looks great in almost any type of space. Maple also offers a variety of stable versions in different colors, composed of repainted maple, so in fact there is often a maple cabinet, and although you design it, it will definitely work.


High-quality maple wood is one of the most trusted products for bookcases. It can easily bear the weight of books and even other choices without damage, and can be used for a long time.


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