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November 03,2021

Folding laptop table is an auxiliary tool for laptop users to use the laptop temporarily. It is different from ordinary computer table. Because it is light, and can be moved everywhere, whether on sofa or bed.


folding laptop table




According to the material, the desktop can be divided into: wood based panel desktop, bamboo and wood desktop, aluminum alloy desktop, plastic desktop, etc.


Wood based panel desktop: mainly particleboard, compression board, plywood, etc. these computer tables and chairs are the same as other computer tables and chairs on the surface. However, due to the wood-based panel, the edge seam riveting is not tight, the shaking is severe, and the load-bearing is limited. If there are more and heavier desktop equipment, this kind of table may not be able to support. But the advantage of this computer desk is that it is cheap, lightweight and easy to move.


Bamboo and wood desktop: it is generally a board surface made of solid wood or bamboo. This kind of desktop is generally stronger than wood-based panel, with high hardness and firmness, but it is bulky and inconvenient to move.


Aluminum alloy desktop: because the metal is generally cold, it can just heat the computer, because it is the first choice for the computer, but it is not very suitable for the human body if it is used in winter.


Plastic desktop: plastic has the advantages of portability, but it can also bring the disadvantage that the table is not stable enough. It is easy to overturn if you are not careful in the process of use. But a good plastic desktop is more resistant to falling. Because it is light, it is suitable to carry when going out.


Buying skills


  1. Whether the structure is firm: Although there are many styles and types of laptop tables on the market, there are still a few with good quality. When buying, we must see whether the corner of the table is firm. It is better to shake the table body.


  1. Whether the height is appropriate: the height of the table will directly affect our comfort of using the table, so we should judge whether the height of the table is appropriate according to our own use.


  1. Look at the load-bearing capacity: the folding laptoptable is very particular about the load-bearing capacity. If the load-bearing capacity is insufficient, it must be worried when using it. It is better to conduct more gravity tests when buying.


  1. Whether the materials are safe and reliable: the laptop tablemainly consists of bamboo and wood, plastic, alloy, wood-based panel, etc. if different materials are not handled well during manufacturing, they will be harmful to human body, especially bamboo and wood-based panel. If the content of formaldehyde is not up to standard, it may be harmful to human body. When purchasing, you can judge by smelling and identifying the product description.


Purchase misunderstandings


❌The bigger the laptop table, the better


Although a large laptop table can hold more things, such as books and tea cups, if the laptop table is too large, it is not convenient to use. Even if the laptop table can withstand all kinds of sundries, it is easy to overturn because the table body is not fixed, and it is not convenient to operate the computer, which is counterproductive. Therefore, when purchasing, try to choose a laptop table that matches the laptop.


❌Bamboo and wood laptop table is the best


Although bamboo and wood laptop tables look more in line with people's aesthetics, bamboo and wood have the disadvantages of bulkiness, and the heat dissipation performance is not as good as aluminum alloy and plastic products. When purchasing, you can choose products with appropriate materials according to the usual frequency and time of use.


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