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November 03,2021

With the gradual acceleration of the pace of life, people's working hours are getting longer and longer. In other words, the difference between working hours and rest hours is becoming more and more blurred, because more and more people need to handle their work at home. Therefore, it is important to choose a high-quality and suitable desk for your home. We will introduce the factors that we should consider as follows.




Factors in choosing a modern desk


Before changing to a new desk in the spring, we must figure out the following questions.


Is the computer an essential item in your work?


Do you need to write something during work or do you just need to deal with your computer?


Do you need storage space?


Desks classified by function


There are many styles of desks to choose from. When it comes to their usability and layout, each offers its own advantages to consider.


Writing desk: includes a large and clear area. Very suitable for recording or using a laptop.


Computer desk: Developed for computers, these styles usually have a small room with a pull-out keyboard system, wiring organizer, and CPU.


Executive desks: stylish and innovative, these desks usually contain a large area and many cabinets to create suitable accessories for eternal learning.


Assistant desk: A compact, elegant office space for regular use. These desks usually include simple legs and an integrated storage space slot or drawer on a desktop computer.


If you are a worker who needs a lot of computer operating space and needs to record important content, then an executive desk will be the best choice. If you are a student who has more requirements for writing and reading than using a computer, a writing desk will be the best choice.


Desks classified by material


The material of the desk is very important. Different materials will affect the appearance of the desk and help you show your personal style and beauty. Commonly used materials are divided into:


Solid wood: a classic material for making desks. Because there are so many trees of different colors, solid wood desks have many choices in color, shape and style. Solid wood has a longer lifespan than all other materials. As long as you provide them with adequate maintenance, they can last for a century.


Laminates: Stress laminates on wood are a useful substitute, and their design and color are almost the same as real wood.


Glass: The desk with glass top feels very modern. The openness of the product opens the room while also revealing light, making the room feel more spacious.


Metal: Choosing steel furniture can give your workplace an industrial look, and match the dark wood perfectly to create a high-contrast modern design. Metal is durable and hard to wear, requiring less maintenance than wood and glass.


Generally speaking, solid wood can be used for a long time, but it also costs a lot of money. Therefore, if you don't have enough budget, laminate will be a good substitute, it looks similar to a solid wood desk, but the price is lower. Glass and metal materials are very cold in winter, so they are not ideal materials for desks.


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