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November 03,2021

As one of the essential office furniture in the office, the desk plays an important role in the image and development of the company, especially the choice of the manager table. We have summarized some common misunderstandings in purchasing a manager table, and hope to give you some reference.


manager table/Wood bar table


Common misunderstandings when buying manager table


☑️Too much attention to low prices. Prices are generally inseparable from the value and cost of goods. The low-priced board-type manager desk is generally low in cost and poor in quality, including its appearance and design, and it is not worthy of cultural and artistic products. Moreover, buying a product with a price that is too low generally has many unexpected safety hazards, which leads to many problems after the purchase, which is regrettable.


☑️Simply choose products without paying attention to the brand. Many experienced salespersons or shopping guides will subtly influence consumers: this is the same style as the XX brand, they have low cost and high promotion costs, so this same item is more cost-effective than them. In fact, the plate-style manager desks of famous brands are compared to counterfeit products on the sales market, and the price is not high in the promotion cost, but strict control of raw materials, production process, huge product quality inspection team and so on. Buying a trusted brand will give you more peace of mind. Our Huaya is a good choice.


☑️Does not pay attention to the type of service and after-sales service. Many people think that furniture is a durable consumer product. If there are no problems when buying, it will not be easy to have problems later. In fact, the after-sales service of the plate manager desk is generally not limited to product quality reasons. Transportation, installation, office environment, placement adjustment, human factor application reasons, etc. will often lead to after-sales maintenance services of the product. For some small brands on the market now, the lack of wear resistance of the plate-type manager desk parts, the slow cooperation between the after-sales service of the processing plants, and the lack of regional agents. The excellent team with technical expertise and high efficiency will generally generate a lot of consumers.


☑️Buy fast-supplied board manager desks and buy spot transactions. Many consumers have insufficient experience and did not take into account the manufacturing cycle time of high- and mid-range products. They only went to buy when they came to the corporate office and the interior decoration was completed, which has long been omitted. If you get the chance, you can only buy fast-available products, and buy spot transactions. The final product bought is generally far from its own expected effect.


How to clean up the manager table?


☑️Daily cleaning


When the board conference table is cleaned on weekdays, use a soft cotton cloth or a soft brush to gently wipe it to prevent the application of too hard materials to smear the surface of the furniture. The wax should not be too dense in the last three months. Excessive waxing will block the pores of the wood. In addition, you need to be careful not to collide with it or scratch it with hard objects, which will cause the surface of the furniture to be produced. Concave and convex.


☑️Repair small scratches


It is very simple to repair them. just buy a wax strip, choose the color that matches your board conference table as much as possible, and then paint the color on the scratches, and your work is complete. Wax will help you protect your furniture from various attacks, and its color tone can also hide scratches.


Then put wax on this part of the board conference table again to ensure that the wax has covered the scratches and has not been painted on the bare wood. Water marks usually disappear after a period of time. If it is still visible after a month, please use a clean soft cloth coated with a little salad oil or mayonnaise to gently wipe the water mark along the direction of the wood grain, or you can cover the mark with a damp cloth, and then gently press the wet cloth with an electric iron for several times to fade the marks.


☑️Dust removal


Cleaning can use a soft cotton cloth to wipe off the dust on the surface of the board conference table along the direction of the wood grain. Before removing the dust, a soft cloth should be dipped in cleaning fluid, and be careful not to wipe it with a dry cloth to prevent scratches. After a period of time, wipe the dust at the corners of the table with a wet cotton thread wrung out of the water, and then gently wipe the whole board conference table once, and then dry it with a clean dry soft cotton cloth. You can also apply a thin layer of high-quality light wax after drying. This not only maintains the wooden furniture, but also enhances its brightness.


☑️Keep out of the sun


The wood bar table should avoid long-term sunlight exposure, because it is very easy to make the internal moisture of the wood imbalance and cause cracks. Don't place it in a place that is too humid, which will cause the furniture to grow insects, and the corrosion rate will increase. Also, don't forget the indoor ventilation.


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