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November 03,2021

Most of the staff office chairs we see in the office furniture market are of mesh type, and a few are made of leather or plastic, and these will not be used in staff places. The mesh cloth of the staff office chair is also very particular. It is not an ordinary mesh cloth. It has high elasticity and high support. The fiber material is different from the ordinary one. A lot of materials are only used by many high-tech products, so don't underestimate the small mesh, which also has a lot of knowledge.


mesh/staff office chair


The reason why staff office chairs are made of mesh


✅High cost performance


The main reason why mesh chairs can occupy the mainstream position is high cost performance, in addition to various styles and many choices. Enterprises can choose styles and colors according to their overall environment. Moreover, the price of mesh chairs is not expensive, which is cheaper than office chairs made of other materials.


✅High comfort


If the mesh material of a staff office chair has poor resilience, such a chair will be easy to sag and can not better support the hips. Such a chair will not feel comfortable. A good mesh chair should have good resilience of sponge cushion and mesh cloth, and staffs will not feel uncomfortable sitting in the office for a long time.


✅Good air permeability


This feature is closely related to the mesh material of the mesh chair. The mesh has good air permeability, sitting for a long time and will not be muggy. It is especially suitable for summer. If the staff office chair with poor air permeability sits for a long time, the ass is stuffy and cannot work comfortably, which will affect the staff's work efficiency and make the work efficiency worse.




Mesh chairs are designed according to ergonomic principles and are equipped with head support, waist support and adjustable armrest. Of course, the height and inclination of the chair can also be flexibly adjusted. Such office chairs can be adjusted according to their own use habits, avoid the health threat caused by sedentary, and enable employees to maintain high-quality working conditions.


Maintenance tips of mesh office chair


Because the cushions and backs of mesh office chairs are mesh, they are breathable and sweat proof. Now many offices are equipped with this kind of staff chair, which can not be tired after sitting for a long time, but also greatly improve the work efficiency of staffs. The problem is that it has been used for a long time, and many people don't know how to clean and maintain it.


  • The chair surface of the meshchair is composed of mesh and cannot be disassembled for cleaning. If there is dust on the chair surface, we can use the hair dryer to open the large windshield to blow off the dust.


  • In the process of daily use, the sedentary parts and edges should be often patted to restore them to the original state and reduce the depression caused by the concentration of sitting force.


  • If you find any stains, you can use detergent to wipe them off gently. Be careful not to touch the foot of the chair when scrubbing. To prevent rust,we can wipe it with cotton cloth as much as possible. At the same time, in order to prevent the mesh chair from fading, we try to keep the mesh chair away from the sun.


  • Other parts of the meshchair are generally made of plastic steel. Usually, just pay attention to dust prevention, and don't be rude to the meshchair, which will accidentally break these plastic steel.


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