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November 03,2021

Cabinet is an important items in our daily life which could be placed on our head of bed as well as on the door to display your shoes. But today we are going to introduce types of TV cabinet. The style and appearance of a TV cabinet could imply your aesthetic so let’s learn more about TV cabinet and pick a suitable for your own.


Mobile TV cabinets could be divided into mouth-like shaped cabinet, U-shaped cabinet, L-shaped cabinet and I-shaped cabinet if classified by the shape.


customized mobile cabinet/shoe cabinet/tv cabinet


Mouth-like TV shaped cabinet


The biggest advantage of the mouth-like shaped TV cabinet is to make full use of the whole TV background wall, which also saves a large part of space and is suitable for small units. The back-shaped TV cabinet can also be used with sliding doors or mobile storage cabinets. This design not only increases the storage space, but also makes it more beautiful. Moreover, the back-shaped TV cabinet is versatile and suitable for all kinds of decoration styles. At the same time, it can make the whole living room more spacious and bright.


If matched with the mirror glass door design, the other side is designed as a storage compartment, in which some favorite ornaments and photos can be placed. The TV can be hidden by pulling the sliding door, and the ornaments on the other side can be exposed, and various styles can be switched at will. As a result, a single background wall is also more personalized and fashionable.


U-shaped TV cabinet


Nowadays, in interior design, the design of U-shaped TV cabinet has gradually faded out of the market. Because the U-shaped TV cabinet focuses on "irregular" design, the overall effect is not as good as expected. Therefore, many small partners rarely choose such a design in their home improvement. For example, the design renderings of two U-shaped TV cabinets in the picture give people a feeling that they are too messy as a whole, especially the decoration of small units, which is even more cramped. The whole background wall also feels too messy.


L-shaped TV cabinet


shaped TV cabinet refers to the design scheme that the main body combines high and low cabinets. This design can make the whole background more layered, and the cabinet increases the daily storage space. If you add light colors, it will make the whole living room more spacious and bright. At present, it is also a design that is widely used in many home improvement designs. In addition, L-shaped TV cabinets can also be designed in combination with shoe cabinets, and can also be designed with hanging cabinets, and the effect of decoration is also very good.


I-shaped TV cabinet


At present, the I-shaped TV cabinet is a very popular TV cabinet in interior design, especially suitable for small units, because the one-line TV cabinet will not occupy too much space, and the suspended design also avoids the emergence of sanitary dead corners. The one-line TV cabinet is mainly drawer-based, which can also meet the daily storage and storage functions.


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