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November 03,2021

In busy work, employee desks are an important part of the office. Whether it is a newly established company or an established company, a desk is a necessity. A good desk plays an important role in the work of employees. So what issues should be paid attention to when choosing office workstations?


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Factors to consider when choosing office workstation




When choosing an employee desk that suits your office environment, the first thing to consider is the size. You need to measure the actual size of the entire office first, and then make reasonable planning and layout. If you don't know how to plan, please provide the size of your office, we are glad to serve you.




The main colors of the desk and office must match. The color should not be too abrupt and should be in harmony with the surrounding environment. In addition, a reasonable tone can improve employees' work mood and work efficiency. In employee office areas, they usually choose fashionable light colors such as warm white.




Different offices have different decoration styles, so the style of employee desks must be selected according to the style of the office. For example, some offices are suitable for straight desks, and some offices are suitable for cross desks. Therefore, we should have reasonable layout according to the surrounding environment. Choosing an appropriate style of staff workstation can greatly improve the beauty of the office environment and give employees a good and comfortable working mood.


📌Health and environmental protection


Professionals spend the longest time in the office. At this time, if there is no environmentally friendly board, the amount of formaldehyde emission is not up to the standard, which will endanger personal health. Healthy and green environmentally friendly materials should be the first choice when choosing a desk. Secondly, it is also the most basic requirement to sit for a long time without getting tired. The advent of the ergonomic chair has relieved the poor sitting posture of our professionals, improved blood circulation, and reduced work pressure and fatigue.


The style, shape, pattern and color of the office environment can affect your working mood every day. You can choose some small potted plants, succulents, or mini fish tanks to decorate your desk to relieve your fatigue.


Various shapes of workstations and their advantages


📌Advantages of a straight desk


  • Straight desks will make the office more compact and dense, and maximize the use of space. Coupled with the sharing of office equipment, more costs can be saved from the company's perspective.


  • For employees, the office space shaped by the straight desk makes people's visual space wider, which can not only shorten the distance between people, promote communication and cooperation between people, but also create a relaxed office environment for employees and improve their work efficiency.


📌Advantages of L-shaped desk


  • There are many ways to place the L-shaped desk, which can be placed in various shapes through permutation and combination. The four can be placed together in a cross shape, and the two desks can be placed in a T shape against the wall. It can be said that the flat and F type can make the entire office space more fully utilized.


  • Compared with the straight desk, the L-shaped desk has a larger desktop range, which can better satisfy the employees' freedom to place items at will and office needs. Putting some small green potted plants and some decorative objects in the free space of the desktop can not only increase the beauty of the office, but the green plants also have the function of anti-radiation.


📌The advantages of a profiled desk


  • The heterosexual work station is not suitable for a long and narrow office. It can only be placed in a narrow and long office with 6 positions combined, or combined with straight work stations. As far as the work station is concerned, it not only takes up more space, but also is not particularly beautiful; on the contrary, the Y-shaped station is particularly suitable for open and relatively large offices. The Y-shaped station is used in a relatively open space, it saves area compared to the same number of digits as the straight work station and the L-shaped work station.


  • In terms of the nature of the employees, which people are suitable for 120°Y-type workstations? This type of workstation has a combination of 3 positions, 6 positions and 9 positions, showing a semicircular shape, which can make the communication between employees closer, so it is especially suitable for teams that need open communication, especially companies that have grown up with the development of the Internet generally have higher requirements for openness. And this kind of work station usually has a screen, which can keep a certain degree of privacy between the employees.


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