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November 03,2021

Every enterprise needs training for new employees, so it needs to be applied to the training desk, and many enterprises use foldable training desks. Today, let's share the material and style differences of foldable training desks. Let's have a look.


trainging desk


Material and style difference of folding training desk


  1. Generally, the materials of folding mulberry training deskare wood and plate. No, they are just different from the materials used on the desktop. The desk frame is made of steel, so folding mulberry training desk can also be called steel wood combination training desk. In the market, the plate folding training desk is a little more common than the wooden folding training desk. The main reason is that it has high cost performance, light material, easy to move and convenient.


  1. The folding training deskcan also be divided into movable and immovable. The deskfeet of the movable folding training desk are equipped with universal wheels, so it can be placed at will, and it is equipped with a balance code, which can keep the desk flat after adjustment. However, although the immovable folding training desk is not as convenient as the movable training desk, its stability is better than that of the movable folding training desk.


  1. There are also some differences in the accessories of the folding training desk. For example, there are differences between the folding training deskwith and without net books. The folding training deskwith net books can put some books or sundries, which is more convenient for trainers. Therefore, when purchasing the folding training desk, you can choose according to your own needs. Create a good training environment, which can also improve the efficiency of training results.


How are the training desks placed?


  • Desk placement


There is a desk with stools and a desk type meeting room, which is very suidesk for employee training. It's convenient for everyone to keep records. This type of layout has a certain degree of flexibility. Participants can have a certain amount of private space to place their own bags and mobile phones, and can accommodate the maximum number of people.


  • Theatrical display


There are stools but no desks, which can maximize the use of space, and more people can sit in the same space. Of course, if you want to take notes, it may be inconvenient.


Connect the desk into a circle or ellipse, then radiate from the center to the periphery, and put green plants in the middle as decoration; Brainstorming, very suidesk for launching here! The microphone can swing and speak freely; desks and chairs are upscale.


  • Back type font placement


A meeting that usually holds less than 20 people. If you use theater or desk style, it will not only appear empty, but also inconvenient to move around.


The following is the layout of the loopback font.


The desk in the conference room is placed in a square hollow with no gap in front and back. The chair is placed around the desk. Usually, the desk is surrounded by aprons (short green plants).


This layout is often used in academic seminars. The moderator's position is located in the front, and microphones can be placed in each position to facilitate participants in different positions to speak. However, the capacity is small and the requirements for meeting room space are very high.


  • Placement of group discussion meetings


The type of group discussion meeting is usually suidesk for meetings and training, which is more shared or mutual.


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