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November 03,2021

Compared with the ordinary workstation desk, ergonomic desk is designed for human body which has several adjustable parts such as the height of the desk or the height of your computer stool. So if you are looking for an ergonomic desk, you will find the answer from this article.


What are the factors we should take into consideration before spring for an ergonomic desk? We are going to look at the factors as following.


workstation desk/ergonomic desk


Step 1: adjustable desk legs


Adjustable desk legs would be the basic requirement of an ergonomic desk which helps people change their working posture. And you must check whether the range of its height is enough for you to working in standing. So you must measure the most comfortable height when you are standing.


In general the average height of desks are 30-inches, which may be enough for the most person, but not everyone. If possible, try your potential desk in person, in a chair that resembles one you use. Make certain you have adequate leg room and also the desk is the best elevation. For the last, bend your arms at 90 level angles and also see if your hands remainder comfortably on the desk, whether it's a resting or standing desk. Desks with adjustable leg elevations are much more functional for this objective.


Step 2: equipped with mount monitor


As an office desk or workstation desk, the computer is the most indispensable thing so a desk equipped with an adjustable mount monitor or not is also important. A mount monitor could change the height of your computer which also means to change your view and change you head.


As we all know, it is a great harmful for our body that sitting in a unchanged posture too long. So much disease such as cerebral hemorrhage are caused by sitting in a long time. Therefore, in order to protect our health, you had better change your working position usually. But for some people who are too busy to relax themselves or who always forget to change their position, the  ergonomic desk would help them a lot.


Step 3: moveable standing for your CPU


Besides of adjustable desk legs or computer mount monitor, we also need a solution for our mussy cables and the heavy CPU. And ergonomic desk could solve this problem. Some ergonomic desks are equipped with a mainframe hanger which is used to hold your computer mainframe, also well known as CPU. The hanger consists of sliding rail, allowing your mainframe to move easily which also will bring a great convenience for you to reach your mainframe as well as maintenance.


Step 4: large storage space


Some people have the demands in writhing or recording on the notes, therefore the storage space is an indispensable thing for them. Choosing a corner desk with pedestal or ordinary rectangle with several drawers are a good choice. But as a ergonomic desk, the storage space would be also used to a ottoman which can be used to hold your lower leg. It is a smart way to relax yourself.


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