HN-01#Manager Desk/Boss Table/ Chairman Desk

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    Adjustable (height)
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    Commercial Furniture
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    Environmental,Practical,High Class,Convenient
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    Office Desks
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    Home Office, Office Building, reception table
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    High quality MDF
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Manager Desk/Boss Table/ Chairman Desk


NO. HN-01#   Size 3450x1100/2200x760H
Name Manager Desk/Boss Table/ Chairman Desk   Material Lacquer wood furniture





















Company Profile

Guangdong Huaya Furniture Industrial Co., Ltd. is an innovative furniture manufacturer integrating professional R & D design, manufacturing, global sales and after-sales service. The company is located in Shunde, Guangdong, the capital of furniture in China. It is also one of the earliest companies in China to launch customized products. The company has a professional design team, so far, the characteristics of multi-cultural is particularly obvious, Huaya gives the cultural connotation and style of furniture products is one of the keys to our success.

Founded in 2000, Huaya has become the most famous and dynamic enterprise in China's furniture industry. It has established a well-known brand at home and abroad. The types of furniture cover many aspects: hotel furniture, office furniture, medical system furniture, banking system furniture, mobile communication system furniture, whole house customized furniture.

Huaya brand has been innovating since its establishment. In addition to focusing on brand product design, we also set the policy of professional customization. People oriented, according to customer requirements and subjective aspects of personal preferences, "different from person to person.". Personalized, professional and distinctive effect, the production of beautiful, fashionable and practical high-quality products, won the favor and support of customers.

With the trend of the times, Huaya furniture began to think about the concept of environmental protection and green. The company invests in the research of green design and the direction of environmental protection production, pays attention to green environmental protection, and combines furniture design with humanistic environment. Launch a series of environmental protection products. Professional certificate, first-class production line, environmental protection production mode, it is this green design theory that brings us to a new level.

Huaya breaks the traditional way of furniture manufacturing. By means of informatization, we will realize the innovative business model of digital sales design, create a one-to-one online and offline all-round service, and design customization. Furniture designers will carry out matching design with indoor environment, considering the harmony of indoor function and environment, whether it is the color, size and quality of products, customers can consult in real time. Professional service personnel follow up before and after sales to provide the best service for customers.



Q1.Are you manufacturer?

A:Yes we are  furniture manufacturer in Guangdong ,China. Welcome to visit us.

Q2.How long will it take to execute my order?
A:This depends on the quantity and complexity of the order. Some items will always have the stock. Please let us know the quantityand codes of the items so that we can advise a production schedule.

Q3.How much will the shipping charges be?
A:This will depends on the CBM of your shipment and the method of shipping. When inquired about shipping charges, we hope that you let us know the detailed information such as the codes and quantity, your favorable method of shipping (by air or by sea) and your designated port or airport. We will be grateful if you can spare us some minutes to help us since it will enable us to evaluate the cost based on the information provided.

Q4.Can you give warranty of your products?
A:Yes, we extend a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all items. Please feel free to feedback immediately if you are not pleased with
the quantity or service. 

Q5.Could I get a sample before mass order?

A:Sure! Sample desk is availble.

Q6.How to get the best solutions for my purchase?

A:Send us inquiry and send us direct message, we will reply you quickly.

The office desks are divided into executive desks and employee desks. The executive desk is based on the principle of stability, and the employee desk is based on the principle of simplicity and practicality, which can accommodate files. Today this article will mainly introduce the executive desk.


What is the Executive Wooden Desk?

The use of executive wooden desks is mostly for company management. Everything in the company is planned by the supervisor, so that there are certain requirements for the style and style of the executive desk, and the executive desk does not need to accommodate a lot of documents. But the executive desk must be tasteful and able to express the image and culture of the company.


Various Types of the Executive Wooden Desk


  • L-shaped Executive Wooden Desk

This is a variation of the corner desk; just, they develop an L shape as well as not a triangular for the working surface. You basically require the intersection of two walls to function from an L-shaped table. So of course, it offers the above-mentioned advantages of much better focus and focus on job. Amongst added benefits, you might better distribute the working as well as storage surface areas since you have a longer top. Likewise, you might have a great spread of individual as well as décor things on these desks.

  • Corner Executive Wooden Desk

Contemporary in designing, corner executive workdesks are often part of tech workplaces. They have a triangular job surface running across the lengths of both converging walls. Keep in mind that absolutely nothing is rectangular concerning these desks, not also the cabinets. They are made with the factors to consider of wise area application and also optical comfort while investing prolonged time in front of computer system displays. Executive workdesks can aid you to concentrate much better, with lesser interruptions from the environments.


How to Choose a Right Executive Wooden Desk?

How should we choose an executive wooden desk? Here are some factors you have to consider:


  • Functional design

That does not like attractive value, beauty, and style in executive desks? Nonetheless, you would certainly be wiser to put performance on par with these elements. The check-points are convenience, convenient size and length of the working surface, easily positioned footrests, sufficient storage, simplicity of running cabinets, stability, longevity, excellent craftsmanship, as well as most of all, your feeling of belonging with the items you are considering for purchase.


  • Aesthetics

The surface you choose, the texture of wood, shade mix, and the total form - these as well as such aesthetic components will make resting at your desk a pleasure. Choose a workdesk that you would certainly want to return to every day.


  • Style

It's mosting likely to be your executive desk, so undoubtedly it needs to balance with the kind of person you are, your working design, and also your values. Also when you are not at the desk, people ought to have the ability to create a mental image of on your own, passing your executive desk.


  • Part of the entire office

Executive workdesks are after all part as well as not a whole on their own. While picking your workdesk, make it a good fit with your cabin or workplace, and also its total aesthetic expectation.


Since the executive desk is so important, we must consider comprehensively when choosing it. 

We are the customized cheap executive/Luxury Wooden Boss Table OEM,manufacturer,supplier,factory. 


we look forward to being your choice and will provide you with attentive service and high-quality products. 

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