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Storage is the most basic function of the high cabinet/drawer cabinet, but the space of the file cabinet is also limited, so we must also know how to store effectively and use the space reasonably. For example: a file cabinet with open doors, we can put archives and documents that are not frequently used on both sides, and put daily use in the middle. In this way, for our staff, not only the space of the file cabinet is used, but also the work efficiency can be improved, and the required archive files can be found more quickly.

Our impression of the color of high cabinet/drawer cabinet is icy iron gray, but now we must break this restriction, file cabinets of various colors can now be produced, which is also to satisfy the aesthetics and choices of more people . Our office decoration style and atmosphere are different, so it is also a good choice to use file cabinets of different colors to fit our office better. The color is determined by the aesthetics!

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