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In the office process, Space/steel/cupboard filing cabinet is essential. Space/steel/cupboard filing cabinet is the second most important office furniture besides desks in the office system. All offices have their applications. There are many types of filing cabinets. Generally speaking, there are high cabinets, low cabinets, movable cabinets, cabinets with doors, cabinets without doors, steel cabinets and wooden cabinets. These file cabinets have different functional structures or different materials.

Before placing the Space/steel/cupboard filing cabinet in the office, we must first consider its compatibility with the original internal office furniture. The height and style match the function. Starting from these three points, the size of the file cabinet is and executes the functional mode.

Space/steel/cupboard filing cabinet occupies floor-standing office furniture. When choosing, please consider the impact of its size and function on the spatial model. Where to place it, how much space is needed, the impact on the sidewalk and activity area, how to use it most conveniently, whether it is to open the door or move the door, these are all factors related to the space mode and should be considered before choosing.

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