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November 04,2021

In fact, office furniture refers to tools equipped for the convenience of office workers or working in daily work and social activities. In the choice of decoration furniture, home furniture can be easily selected, because you can choose at will according to the decoration style of your home and your own preferences. But office furniture is different, because it has a special office purpose, so you need to be careful when choosing it.


From the different functions, it can be divided into:


Executive desk


The executive desk is a common large-size desk in office furniture, also known as the boss desk. The person who uses the administrative desk is generally the leader of the unit.


Executive desk refers to the office furniture made of large-size materials, and its length can generally reach 1800mm. It is widely used in senior management offices of companies and other organizations. Two commonly used executive desk structures are: one is that the supporting parts such as the legs and legs of the desk are made of steel, and the table top is made of wood; in addition, all parts of the desk are made of wood. The materials used to make executive desks are solid wood edge banding, wood veneer and thread veneer. When choosing a veneer product, first pull out the drawer to see if the slide rails on the left and right sides have burrs, the texture of the skin, and whether the joints at the seams have burrs and teeth.




office chair

There is an indispensable item in office furniture-office chairs. A good office chair must first be comfortable. Careful consideration should be given to seat height, cushion softness, and seat back curvature. At the same time, it should be easy to adjust to suit people of different heights and body types. It can also guide the correct sitting posture to protect the spine and eyesight.


In addition to the correct sitting posture, the coordination between the chair and the table is also closely related. Generally speaking, the correct height of the table and chair should allow a person to maintain two "basic verticals" when sitting: 1. When the feet are flat on the ground, the thighs and calves can be vertical; 2. When the arms hang down naturally When the upper arm is basically perpendicular to the forearm. Only by satisfying these two "basically vertical" can the correct sitting and writing posture be guaranteed. From these two "verticals", we can see that the role of the chair is more important. Therefore, choosing a suitable office chair has become a top priority. While choosing the seat, you can also pay attention to some small accessories according to your own needs to further enhance the functionality of the seat.




Office d Esk


Desks are also essential in office furniture. From the perspective of material composition, general desks are mainly divided into: steel desks, wooden desks, metal desks, steel-wood desks and so on. When buying a desk, because the color change is small, only the desktop color will change slightly, so I don’t worry about the match with the decoration. However, there are still several important principles that must be considered: storage functions, line configuration functions, and detailed design. In addition, the addition of leather, wood and aluminum alloy makes the desk more changeable and lively.




meeting table


Conference tables are common modern office supplies. Generally use solid wood spray paint, imported cherry veneer veneer, environmentally friendly base material, imported PU high-grade polyester paint, and imported high-quality hardware. The conference table is divided into: ordinary small conference table and large conference table. The conference table structure is divided into: steel frame structure and panel furniture structure. Conference styles are divided into: rectangular, oval, horse belly, round and other special-shaped styles.



Office sofa


With the improvement of people's living standards, office sofas have become a durable consumer product for company offices. At present, there are so many kinds of office sofas on the market that some consumers do not know how to choose when buying. Here are special reminders that consumers should pay attention to 6 things when buying office sofas. Look at the brand of sofa furniture, frame quality, interior cushion quality, fabrics, sewing and leather.



File cabinets


File cabinets are usually divided into sliding door type, open door type and open type. Sliding door file cabinets are suitable for offices and small space environments; door-opening file cabinets are suitable for environments with larger spaces; open file cabinets are suitable for libraries and reference rooms, and are convenient to put items in and out. Therefore, you can also choose the most suitable cabinet door style according to different office space requirements. Generally speaking, the size of the filing cabinet is relatively large. The large-sized file cabinet not only looks generous, but also makes the office look very high-end. At the same time, the large file cabinet can also hold more and larger file items. The style of the file cabinet is generally simple, and the style cannot be complicated. The material of the file cabinet is generally solid wood. The solid wood file cabinet is high-grade and more environmentally friendly. In terms of color, the file cabinets are mainly dark, because the dark file cabinets are more dignified and generous, which is in line with the office environment.




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